I get offers accepted !!

Many people are not getting their offers accepted. I have a pretty good acceptance rate.   Why ??   Because I will not dance around the truth.  I will tell you what you need to do and how much to offer . If I call you at the last minute and tell you we need to do an adjustment to the offer, I need you to trust me.
      I don't want to write up offers that aren't going to go thru. Thats a waste of your time. If we need to make a offer higher at the last moment and there are 10 other offers on the table - please listen to me. 
      Why ??   Because in the long run offering an extra 1 or 4 thousand dollars will not make a real change in your payment but it may get you the house you want. Sellers are only looking at the bottom line, how much money will they make on the deal. I've sent photos of kids and families and grandmas needing a house - it doesn't matter to the seller. Sooooooo,  I have to be very strong and honest with people to get them the house that they want.

         Of course if were up against a cash deal with a 10 day escrow,  we're all in trouble  :))
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