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-Highly likely to recommend
Bought a home in Tehachapi,CA.
She was very flexible. I worked M-F, so, my available time was only during the weekends. She was immediately available to cater to my busy schedule and proactively helped me find the home I wanted. I would definitely recommend her to friends looking to buy a home or lot but would caution them about doing their homework because when you meet her she's ready to do her job. So, come prepared ;)

 -Highly likely to recommend
Sold a Single Family home in  Tehachapi, CA.
  • Lorie came to our door the day after our listing expired. The other agent had it on the market for over 200 days and not one person came to look at the house. We were depressed and figured we were stuck here for a long time. Lorie came in and showed us how she's a member of all the Real Estate associations in Tehachapi, Bakersfield , Palmdale/Lancaster and LA. She asked us to give her a chance. She also walked around the house and said lets pack up that area, lets paint these few spots here , clean this corner of the yard , little things. Other agents had told us to paint the whole house and replace the carpet. Lorie explained how that never makes since because what ever you put in some one else won't' like. 2 weeks later we had a over asking price offer on the house . !!! The story doe'snt end there. Through escrow we found out that the septic system had basically exploded. Lorie asked about the home inspections that had been done before we bought the house 2 years earlier. Well our agent hadn't told us to get a home inspection or to get the septic system checked or the roof looked at or to ask for a home warranty. Here we were only 2 years later with a $3500 new septic bill and roof repair that we didn't have the money for. Lorie worked with the buyers and had them pay for the repairs. !!! She saved the deal and our hope. We think she is great !!
- Highly likely to recommend
 - user2056852
    • Our first agent refused to show all the houses that were on the market. Darn double agents watch out for those, they want to make money from the seller and the buyer (greed). We found Laurie the redhead and what a fresh breath of air, she was excited and thankful to have our business. We talked that first night until almost 9 o'clock and found the perfect home.      The problem was 2week in to it a cash buyer took it from up under us. We were heartbroken, the funny thing was that Laurie the redhead was generally heartbroken with us. I knew right then that she was in the battle with us.  The same day she found us a home with 1000 more square feet at Close to the same price and we won the bid. Laurie the redhead is a Realtor Warrior and that's what you need in today's market. You can trust her, we did one of the biggest decisions of our life                                                                                 Thanks Laurie                                                           From the Griffins
My 52 FIVE star review :)) 
Highly likely to recommend
 - user2734i
Bought a Single Family home for approximately $325K in San Trope, Bakersfield, CA.
Its my pleasure to write my experience with Lorie and her team.
If you are looking for someone who can fill every need you and your family has along with the best professionalism I have ever seen than Lorie and her team is who you need to put your trust in. 
Lorie is very fast in her response and very patient to your concerns and questions!!
Wendy her team mate not only found my family the size house we needed, but she also made entirely sure that my children would be in an excellent school district. I have a lot of friends and Wendy came to show it to them again and again tirelessly. She was always ready to help.
I had hundreds of questions and Sandra patiently replied to all of them. Sandra was available whenever I need her. You simply ROCK!! Thank you so much for understanding.
If you are moving to Bakersfield or looking for a home and you need the BEST representation in finding a house than you absolutely need to call Lorie and her Team or you are just taking the ball out of your own court. 
Thank you again for all the help. Lorie keep up the GOOD WORK!! GOD BLESS

churchboifresch Client, Buyer

When I met Lorie (via email) I was already working with an agent that I was unhappy with. She sent me plenty of listings left it up to me whether I was willing to switch services. I saw that as an incredible sign of her vibrant character. Soon after, I began looking for the perfect home for my family and I, and it was abundantly evident that she was looking for the same thing for me. As far as real estate goes Lorie is THE best because she will give it everything she has to not only find you a home but make sure you're happy in the process. Just when you feel like her job is done, she guides you every step of the way until you have keys in your hand. I feel like I've gained more than a GREAT agent, but a friend as well. Hands down...Lorie is unmatched!!!


Highly likely to recommend
 - user5771744I  came into contact with Lorie I already had an agent, but I was unhappy with the service I was being provided. Even before I knew that I was switching to her services she started sending me listings via email. After that, something just told me that she was the person to help me find the perfect home for my family and I. We (I say we because she not only made me feel like we were in it together, but I knew it) bid on a few houses but things didn't go our way. Just as I started losing hope a beautiful home came up in the ideal area where I wanted to live. We put our bid in and waited for a few days without any other offers. Just as I thought we were in the clear, a CASH offer came in from another prospective buyer. While Lorie was in Lancaster, CA and I was in North Belridge, CA completely unavailable. We had to get signed paperwork into the seller's agent before the close of the business day to go into escrow. My hero, Lorie Weinroth, drove from Lancaster to Tehachapi, CA to pick up the paperwork, deliver it to my job, have me sign it, and deliver it to the seller's agent's office in Bakersfield, CA before 6pm. With about five hours of driving time between Lorie and the seller's agent, she made it without a second to spare. All I could think about afterwards was that no other agent IN THE WORLD could've/would've done that for me. Now I'm in the beginning stages of escrow and on my way to owning my first home, mainly because of Lorie. If you are looking for an agent to find you a home that fits you and your needs to perfection and will work for you, and with you at no expense, Lorie Weinroth is the ONLY agent that I would care to recommend, because she REALLY cares.
b49goats Client, Buyer

Lori continues to impress us with how quickly and efficiently she responds to all our inquires and issues. I feel that she is committed to making the purchase of our house go as smooth as possible. She does not act like only our agent but as a close friend who really cares about us. I would certainly recommend Lori as an agent for any kind of real-estate transaction.


 - Highly likely to recommend
 - user5330205
    • Lorie is very Friendly, Professional, and Knowledgable with the area, what's in the future of the town. She is very determined to find Homes for those who contact her. She worked very hard all day showing us many properties and never lost her cool. I would highly recommend Her to any and everyone. She is the best...

Susan Dean Client, Buyer

I thought Lorie was a OK kinda gal. I'm from Texas and needed to move to the area so my husband could work at the base. We thought Lorie was a hoot. She did her job and we all walked away smiling. She's a sweet heart.


- Highly likely to recommend
 - user6234373
  • I'm from out of state and was moving into Tehachapi for my Engineering job.. I found Lorie on Zillow and called . I was surprised she answered her phone because most people don't anymore. Lorie was friendly on the phone and I felt comfortable right away. She showed me the many communities surrounding Tehachapi and that is where I found what I wanted, outside of town. She has a goofy personality and I like that. We joked about all the Sci-fi stuff we both liked . I don't like stiff people because that is who I work with, lots of dry guys. I enjoyed her company and she made the paperwork simple for me to understand. It was simple and easy. Thumbs up !

Marcus Abraham Client, Buyer

I am moving to Tehachapi to start a business and needed a house right away. Lorie answered her phone and we started immediately. Thats what I needed and thats what I got. I think she's great . I would refer her to my friends without hesitation.


 - Highly likely to recommend
 - user0452401
  • LOVED working with her. I was concerned I could not afford a property and she hooked me up with a lender that got me a pre-qualified letter. HURRAY I was actually able to know what I could afford. I needed a specific type of house - from our first contact , Lorie sent new listings every day. I was happy about how on top of it she was. She would call the home owners in advance of our coming over and I liked that we were not catching people off gaurd. She has a GPS so we did'nt get lost ( my old realtor was constantly wrong on where we should be at ) .Lorie was very nice to me and my kids and did'nt lose her temper ( they can be a handfull). I will refer her to my friends for sure.!
Brent Williams Client, Buyer

I needed to move fast for my job . I had to be in an area in 1 month. Lorie found the house I needed and I respect that. She has a great personality and was fun to hang out with. I like that she accomplished what I needed done.


 - Highly likely to recommend
 - user9432119
    • Super nice lady. I had worked with several agents and was unhappy with all of them. I was buying a modest house and I think they thought I was wasting their time. Lorie answered her phone immediatly and asked all the right questions. She spent the time to figure out what I needed to focus on , so I was able to actually see the potenial in a home in stead of just rejecting some thing off hand. I liked working with her very much.She found me something in 3 days. Very Happy. I think she is very professional and I liked her light hearted attitude. I will definately be calling her again and referring her to my friends.
Miranda Bowles Client, Buyer

Lorie "The Red Head". Nice person. She seems to know alot about the valley and thats what I needed to get things done before my husband brings the kids and we move here in 2 months. I totally recommend her.


 - Highly likely to recommend
 - user8612808
    • Lorie was really nice and funny too. I like her attitude. She found me when I was looking for Property. II needed farm land in an open area. I like that we were not left in a field in the middle of no where. She carries a GPS and it found the spot I needed to see. I thought she was equipped for the job. I would have been mad if some one had wasted my time and did'nt know where we were. She made sure I was pre-qualified ( I was'nt ) and she found me a loan immediatly. I like knowing what I can afford. I had to adjust my dreams after I got my pre-qualification letter. It all worked like magic. Very happy !! I will use her again.

    I don't know what this says ( it's in Hindi ) but my clients are super happy and I asked them to write a nice review :))
    Jagroop Client, Buyer
    ਲੋਰੀ ੲਕ  ਬਹੁਤ ਵਧੀਅ। ੲੰਜੇਟ ਹੈ.ਪੰਜ।ਬੀ ਡੀਲਰ। ਦੀ ਬਜ।ੲੈ  ਲੋਰੀ ਨੈ ਸ।ਡੀ ਬਹੁਤ ਵਧੀਅ। ਡੀਲ ਕਰ।ੲੀ . ੳਹ ਬਹੁਤ ਮਦਦਗ।ਰ ਅਤੇ ਹਸਮੁਖ ਸੁਭ।ਅ ਦੇ ਨ।ਲ ੲਕ ਬਹੁਤ ਤਜਰਬੇਦ।ਰ ਡੀਲਰ ਹੇ.ਸ।ਨੁ ਕਿਸੀ ਵੀ ਤਰ। ਦੀ ਫਿਕਰ ਨਹੀ ਕਰਨੀ ਪੲੀ . ਲੋਰੀ ਨੇ ਸ਼ੂਰੁ ਤੋ ਅੰਤ ਤਕ ਸ।ਰੇ ਪੇਪਰ ਵਰਕ ਵਿਚ ਸ।ਡੀ ਮਦਦ ਕੀਤੀ. ਅਸੀ ਡੀਲ ਤੋ ਬਹੁਤ ਖੁਸ਼ ਅਤੇ ਲੋਰੀ ਦੇ ਧੰਨਵ।ਦੀ ਹ। . ਭਵਿਖ ਵਿਚ ਵੀ ਅਸੀ ਲੋਰੀ ਕੌਲ ਹੀ ਡੀਲ ਲੲੀ  ਜ।ਵ।ਗੈ.


    Lorie had been very patient with me not knowing for sure what I wanted in a home. I appreciate her knowledge and understanding in regards to me not knowing for sure what I wanted in a home and helping me figure it out! With her assistance we have put an offer on the perfect home for me and my family and it was accepted! YAY! She has helped me understand this entire process. I was so clueless to how all of this worked. I would recommend Lorie to anyone looking for a home. Thank you Lorie for all you have done. I not only am gaining my home; I feel like I have gained a friend!
  •  - eduardocracken
    Sold a Single Family home  for approximately $275K in Belsera, Bakersfield, CA.

    I am out of state and needed to sell my house it was vacant and I am on the road all the time as a trucker . I found lorie on the internet and mailed her a key and my id . I needed some repairs done - she got the estimates and got it all completed for me . A week later my house was sold and 1 month later we closed escrow . Lorie told me upfront she would make things very easy for me and she did . Everything was electronic signatures and she was constantly texting me updates . I loved it . It was over quick and I couldn't be more happy with her service !! She is the best there is .


 - jmcda44
Bought a Single Family home  for approximately $200K in Laurelglen, Bakersfield, CA.

Lorie--She's the best, Professional in every step of the transaction. Answered all my questions--usually before I ask. I was a buyer and had some problems with the seller and she solved everyone in 24 hrs Truly a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her highly--and will. Plus her back up team are knowledgeable and great to work with.


Bought a Single Family home  for approximately $500K in Tehachapi, CA.

Lorie was the best real estate professional I have worked with and I have worked with quite a few! She is very easy to get a hold of and promptly responds to emails, text messages and voice-mail, even at night. Lorie was always available and flexible to our schedule to show us homes. She was always on time and came prepared to each showing with information about the house we were viewing. We were in escrow on 3 different homes and Lorie and her team were fantastic in each escrow. I wish the appraiser that ruined the first 2 deals was as professional and knowledgeable as Lorie and her team! Our 3rd and final escrow finally worked out for us after almost a year of home shopping and we couldn't be happier with how smooth Lorie and her team made the transaction. I wholeheartedly recommend Lorie! Give her a try and you will not be sorry!  Less 

 - alonzos06
Bought a Single Family home  for approximately $175K in Bakersfield, CA.

Lorie is definately someone that I would recomend to anyone looking to buy a house. First of all, she's very understanding and she emphasizes with her clients. To me thats definately a characteristic that facilitated my decision making. I did not feel any sort of pressure from her to make up my mind. I explained to her my situation and we moved forth accordingly. The appraisal came in $7500 lower than the offer made. I was torn between letting go of the house or putting the difference out of pocket. We attempted to meet them half way, in the midst of the negotiation she told me that she was willing to put $800 out of her commission to get the deal close. The sellers got tight on us and i got so frustrated that i decided to cancel. Lorie told me to put in my last and final offer along with the cancelation form, so i did. I put an offer that was just above appraisal. She talked to the listing agent and texted me back congratulating me, completely surprised me, about the new offer that was accepted by the seller. After that life was all sunshine and flowers. Now, thanks to Lorie, my unborn child will have his own room before he arrives to this world.

Reviews Of Me From Trulia and Zillow Mixed Together 

Here just a few of the 66 FIVE STAR reviews I have on Zillow 

Coolmonet Helped me buy a home

Lorie is the best realtor. I live in Taiwan and plan to place investments in Bakersfield, CA. Luckily I found her. With her patience, she described the procedure of buying a house and her own opinions clearly and simply because I am not fluent in English. With Lorie and her team, Dawna, their assistance helped me a lot and it only took me 3 weeks from offer to escrow closed. I bought an ideal house!
I recommend Lorie because she is diligent and good in communication. She dissolved the anxiety and tension of a foreigner buying a house in America.-- Meng-jui, Kuo
Lorie 是最值得信賴的不動產仲介。我來自台灣,雖然不居住在美國,而到加州貝克爾斯菲市購買不動產。幸好我遇到Lorie,儘管我的英文不好,她耐心地清楚說明購屋流程,並提供意見。在她以及團隊(Dawna女士)的協助下,從看屋、下訂到過戶,僅花了三個禮拜,我買到心目中的好房子。
由於Lorie的認真與善於溝通,解決了外國人購屋的疑慮及緊張,我向大家推薦Lorie。--郭 孟睿 

gnieszka Plate Helped me sell a home

This was my first time selling a house so I was very nervous and did a lot of homework, consulting with a lot of local real estate agents and brokers. I can't speak highly enough of Lorie, she was the most responsive of all the interviews I conducted. Super go getter, down to business, just so real and honest. I truly got all my anxiety put away by her expertise and confidence. She truly is amazing! She saved us so much money and time. I was worried about repainting the walls, and dead grass and a swing set etc etc so many things were, I thought, preventing me form selling the house, and she was able to put me at ease and showed us how we didn't need to make any changes. She also gave us the best price! I really appreciate that. I just can't believe how she made this very stressful event in our lives so smooth and fast. She gave me the best price and promised to sell fast, and she delivered 100%. When I had listed my house for sale on Zillow as a for sale by owner for a while, I got no response, thenLorie came in with an open house sign, the house wasn't even listed that day yet, and she passed out 450 attractive postcards about my house in one day! and some one walked up with a card in their hand during this open house and 12 hours after getting the listing we were offered $15,000 over asking price an hour later! It was so exciting I just couldn't believe it! I have been telling all my friends that may be considering selling their house about Lorie. If you want a proven fast success she is your agent. I can't stress enough how comfortable she made me feel, I would call her at different, after hours, times with questions and concerns, texted her, emailed her and every time she immediately had answers for me with a smile :) That was so important to me to have confidence and trust in my agent. Lorie my family can't thank you enough-we are wishing you success, you truly deserve it! You not only have great expertise but awesome and fun to work with personality! When we are ready to buy we will be calling on you :)

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