Why List With Me ????

 I do things that other Agents don't anymore.  I do open houses 
( I have to be honest - usually only your neighbors show up and they don't work 

You ever notice listings with only 1 or 2 UGLY photos ??   
 Do the sellers even know how awful their listing looks  ??
I have a professional camera and my photos  POP !! 
I also take TONS of photos so internet buyers really see how beautiful your house is :)) 

I make colorful flyers with photos and descriptions of your lovely home. I put your house on tons of sites and  I make sure that any one that I can get in my car,  I will try and drag them to you house to see it. 

I showed one listing 5 times to the same couple and they finally bought it   :))

 I will work my butt off to get your house sold  :))
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